Reaching you, me?

                The rain was pouring down heavily that night. It sounded like it will never end. It also the sign that shows that people should not be outside. But it was not a stop for a man. He drove the car like a racer racing on the track. The sound of thunder added up the adrenaline in his unsettled heart. Only thinking of one place, one step and most importantly is one person. Correction two persons.
                He stepped into the lobby and called for help. Running in order to keep being beside that person is important. The unsettled heart had lost some burden but it’s not the end. Holding her hand tightly, whispering magic words to her ear will help her passing through this mighty test. The man stopped. The helpers did not allowed him to go any further than this. He stood there and followed her with his eyes until she disappeared from his sight.
                An hour had passed, there was still no news regarding that person. ‘Dup dup, dup dup’..... his heart, his mind is covered with questions. And suddenly the door open, the lead of the helper reached him. He looked straight into the lead’s eyes waiting for any words coming from his mouth. “Mr..?” the lead’s asked.” Mr. L” he replied. “Congratulations, you got a baby girl”.
13 years , present...   
                 “Rya... Rya.... hurry up or you’re gonna be late.” Walking to the bedroom. Stepping into the room and pulled the blanket. “Rya, the bus gonna arrived in five minutes”. “WHAT?” Rya wake up and rushing to the toilet. ‘Dear oh dear, when will she change this attitude of hers...’ mother’s heart whisper while her hand and legs are busy cleaning the bed. “ I’ll wait for you downstairs okey sweety.” “Okie dokie” Rya replied. This is Rya’s daily rutine. She runs like a tiger with her hair tied up. Her clean bright face always makes people look at her. Not just that, her voice, her smiles and also her eyes will make people fall for her. But as soon as she open her mouth, those words that came out will change their first thought bout her.
                 Today is very special day for Rya, it’s his birthday. Daddy’s birthday..... the day that change everything.......
                  Hic-chi... ‘grrrrrrr, freezing’ walking to the window. “It’s ... SNOWIIIIIIING”. “Haha... it’s snowing. Ryo, Ryan wake up you two. Mom, dad it’s snowing outside. Hurry up.”. I stopped running down the stairs. “Who are you people?” I pointed at the men in black . “So this is Lamperouge’s daughter ” a man in a black coat stared back at me. Then he gives me a smile......   


               “Rya, would you mind get back to your room dear? Daddy needs to settle something.” Daddy said suddenly coming from my back. “But daddy, this people they....” I couldn’t finish my words when suddenly daddy hold my shoulder then kneel before me. His eyes is telling me something. This feeling when I see those pair of eyes... what is it? “Rya... look at me. Do you believe in daddy sweety?”he smiles and then he kiss my forehead. After that he steps away, going towards those men. ‘Daddy... daddy , what feeling is this why does it feel so hurt when I see your eyes just then. It feels like it will be our last meeting. “Daddy!!!” I turn my back to see him but he’s not there anymore along  with those men.
               My intention stopped there. I turn back to my room with a burden in my heart. My step .... I stop in front of mommy’s room. I hear she’s crying right now. Slowly, I open the door. Approaching her. “ Mommy? Why are you crying right now.”  Slowly I wipe her tears. She hugs me. Real tight. I stay by her side until she’s asleep, hoping, wishing that she’ll be okay soon. I kiss her, hoping that my prayers will reach her. ‘What are those? Probably trash.’ But for some reason I can’t just let it pass by. I took it. I open it with curiosity ...
Dear my love one,
               I have to leave you all for a period of time. I do not know how long I need to be away from you all. Probably for my whole life. Forgive me for not telling you this earlier. I always pray that this day will never come. But knowing the fact that I need return there to fulfil my duty, I just cannot let it pass by like that. So it’s better for me to this right now... GOOD BYE my dears. As you know you all are forever inside of me.
Eventhough we are apart,
We still stand above the same ground,
Under the same sky,
Whenever we look up ,
We stare, we look upon the sky which unite us,
The stars are our witness of happiness.
This heart belong for you for an eternity.
-Eternal love-
                                                                                               Lamperoge .